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Directions for registering for the Lynden Mt. Baker Saturday Winter Ride Program

Here is an article about what to expect and what to bring.

Thank you for choosing to participate in a Winter Ride program at Mt. Baker this season! Below you will find directions for signing up for lessons as well as purchasing an Onward Season Pass and/or equipment rentals if needed. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to your Local Area Coordinator or email winterride@mtbaker.us.

  1. Access your program’s section of the Mt. Baker online store via the unique link for Lynden: http://mtbaker.us/?promocode=WRLynden
  2. Use the “+” symbol to add the appropriate lesson type (ski, snowboard, or mountain skills) for each participant you are signing up, and then click “Next”. You will have an opportunity to add Onward season pass and/or rentals later in the process.
  3. Carefully review the “Important things to know before you buy an instruction program”, and then click “Next”.
  4. You will be prompted to log in to your Mt. Baker account:
    1. Existing Accounts: Sign in with your account information. If you have forgotten your password, or if you are having difficulties logging in, select and follow the Create/Forgot Password prompts
    1. New Accounts: Select Create an Account and create a new account. If you receive a notification that an account already exists, follow the Create/Forgot Password prompts under the Sign-In tab
  5. Once you have successfully logged in, enter guest information for each participant you are signing up:
    1. If you have purchased an item through the online store for the participant before, select them from the dropdown menu, and update information as needed.
    1. If this is your first time purchasing an item for this guest, enter all required information.
  6. Once all guest information has been added, you will be presented with options to add Rentals and/or Onward Season Passes. Please note that all participants must have either a season pass or daily lift ticket each day of the program. Onward Season Pass and Equipment Rental purchases require lesson enrollment.
  7. Complete the checkout process, and complete the required Release Agreement(s) that is presented after completing the purchase.
  8. You will receive a receipt via email. Further details about the program will be provided by your Local Area Coordinator. You will pay for the bus directly to Lynden’s coordinator at a later date (probably on the first or second ride).

Winter Ride 2022

Lynden Public School’s Winter Ride program is open to all student’s in the Lynden area (Lynden Public, Lynden Christian, Ebenezer, homeschool, etc.) in grades 6 through 12. The program offers a multi-week chaperoned bus ride up to the Mt. Baker Ski Area and discounted lessons. Rental equipment is also available. See prices below. Sign-ups begin in early January.

The bus leaves Lynden High School at 7:00 a.m. sharp. Don’t be late.
Try to be there by 6:45. The bus arrives at Mt. Baker usually about 8:30ish weather depending.
Students are to get back on the bus by 3:00 p.m.
The bus usually arrives back at LHS by about 4:30 p.m.
Many students have cell phones or can borrow a chaperone’s so that they can call a parent as we get close to Lynden. That way they do not have to wait at the high school very long.

Questions? Interested?
Contact Mitch at kornelism@lynden.wednet.edu

Winter Ride 2021-2022

Over the past few months many of us coordinators have met with Mt Baker Ski Area to discuss their concerns about WR, large crowds, weather conditions, etc. The ski area has seen quite a bit of growth over the past few years and they are feeling too busy in January and February to really give the WR kids the attention they feel they need to. 

So, Mt Baker is changing the WR program.

The program will now only be four Saturdays in March – March 5 through 26 2022.
Lessons will be required for all participants.

There are some pros and cons to this.

Pros: Better weather and usually better ski conditions in March

Less crowded

WR program will be cheaper, so more affordable to more students

Less of a commitment for all involved

Cons: May conflict with spring sports

That first Saturday is during Lynden’s Mid-Winter Break

Many participants liked the eight trips we usually took.

We may actually have less interest in the program that before.

I certainly have mixed feelings about the change. I understand Baker’s reasoning, but worry it may negatively affect Lynden’s WR program.

I’ll be updating our webpage with more info as I get it. www.lyndenwinterride.org

Here is Baker’s WR page with many more details/prices and some great videos explaining the change and their reasoning.

Questions? Interested?
Contact Mitch at kornelism@lynden.wednet.edu