What to expect and what to bring.

We have quite a few new riders this year and a few people asked about what to bring, etc., so I thought I’d write something up.

What to expect:

The bus arrives at LHS at about 6:45am. Please try and be there about that time as well. There is a large storage area under the bus that we place skis, poles, and snowboards in.  All other items (backpack or duffel bag, boots, etc.) goes onto the bus. Most of the time kids get their own seats, so their stuff can sit next to them (makes for a nice pillow) or at their feet.

Before we leave we take attendance. The bus leaves LHS at 7am. Usually, the ride up to the mountain is pretty quiet. Most kids put some headphones in and many of them sleep. We get up to the upper lodge at about 8:30am, weather dependent. Mt. Baker parks the school buses right next to the lodge and rentals building. Kids put their boots on and go to the rentals building and then walk to the area just outside the building for their lessons. There are numbered signs on poles for each lesson group so the kids can find their instructor. The Lynden chaperones are available to help walk the kids through this and we also check to make sure they get to their lessons.

Lessons last about two hours. The kids are encouraged to find a buddy in their lessons group to spend the rest of the day with if they don’t already have a buddy. 

The bus is open all day long. Kids can keep their items and food on the bus and get them at any time. Most kids pack a lunch and also some end of day snacks. Food is expensive in the lodge. Most kids also eat on the bus as well (I think we all will this year). 

The chaperones usually check in at the bus about 11 when lessons are over to see how things are going. There is also cell service over the whole ski area, so I’m only a phone call away.

Kids need to be back on the bus and ready to leave before 3pm. We take attendance again and the ski area checks in with each bus to make sure we have all our kids.

The ride home is often quiet as well, but usually not as quiet as the morning. The beus usually gets back to LHS about 4:20pm. I usually remind the kids about 10 minutes out to call their parents to let them know we are close. Please make sure to pick up your child promptly, as I have to stay until they are all picked up.

What to bring:

Food for lunch and/or snack – water bottle

Layers of clothing. Most kids bring their outer layers in a duffle bag or backpack and put them on once we get up to the mountain. Lower half: two or three layers Upper half: up to four layers. Outer layer should be water proof

Phone/Ipod and headphones – It’s a long drive, so bring something to listen to. There is no cell service for much of the ride, so download your tunes before hand.

Helmet – gloves – goggles – something to cover face – warm hat

Maybe some $ for a snack from the lodge?